TELAS Framework & Assessment Structure

TELAS is underpinned by the TELAS Framework developed by ASCILITE. The framework comprises four domains. A brief description of these domains is provided below.

Each domain has two standards with each standard having a set of performance criteria. The assessment of a learning package is measured against the performance criteria and the assessment of these performance criteria is guided by a corresponding set of success indicators.

The assessment form used in the TELAS app is identical to the TELAS Framework but includes an underlying scoring system that determines the accreditation level of the reviewed learning package.

1. Online Learning Environment

The online learning environment refers to the form and function of the online environment where learning occurs.

2. Learner Support

This domain refers to how the online environment supports the online learner.

3. Learning & Assessment Tasks

This domain refers to the online activities that authentically engage learners and enable them to develop new capabilities.

4. Learning Resources

This domain refers to the materials and tools that learners have access to which enable their engagement and learning.