TELAS Framework

The TELAS Framework is a validated standards framework that articulates evidence informed criteria to assess and evaluate the quality of online learning. This framework has been developed over a period of several years, in consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders and practitioners from the tertiary education sector. Refer to the About section to find-out more about the development history of the Framework.

You can view and download the Accreditation Framework here (PDF 1.4 Mb) and here (Word 132Kb). You will also find a working version of the Framework in the form of a Self-Assessment tool and that version is available on this page.

The TELAS Framework focuses on four key practice domains which are then further divided into standards and specific performance criteria and associated success indicators. The success indicators are used to assess and measure each of the performance criteria which in turn provides a level of achievement against the related standard and a gauge of the quality of the assessed learning package[1]. The four domains included in the framework are:

  • Online learning environment
  • Learner support
  • Learning and assessment tasks
  • Learning resources

[1] The term “Learning packages” is used in reference to the various iterations of learning such as: unit, course, subject, program, micro-credential, module etc.