Prerequisites to submitting a learning package

Prerequisite Steps

  1. Ensure that the learning package you are planning to submit is suitable for TELAS. Refer to Suitable Learning Packages for details.
  2. TELAS charges an accreditation fee that must be paid before an Accreditation Certificate and Badge may be issued. Fees are not due until an assessment is complete. Refer to Accreditation Fees for a schedule of current fees.
  3. Download the TELAS Framework assessment tool and complete a Self-Assessment of the learning package. Refer to Self-Assessments for details.
  4. Arrange for student view access and login credentials for three TELAS reviewers who will be assigned to review the learning package. Note that the TELAS review is a blind peer review and as such the identities of reviewers are not disclosed.
  5. Use the Prerequisites Form to provide TELAS with guest access to the learning package and to upload your completed Self-Assessment.

Once steps 3 – 5 above are complete, the institution must nominate a Course Submitter to register online with TELAS to submit the intended learning package for assessment. Refer to User Registrations for detailed instructions on how to register.

Assessment Outcomes

The TELAS decision and those of TELAS Certified Reviewers are final regarding learning package assessment results. In the event that the assessment results are insufficient to achieve TELAS accreditation, an institution may use the assessment reports to inform modification of elements of a learning package and then resubmit the learning package for re-assessment.