TELAS Online Learning, Assessment & Accreditation

The Technology Enhanced Learning Accreditation Standards (TELAS) are designed to assess the quality of online learning, particularly in relation to the tertiary sector. This set of internationally benchmarked quality online learning standards aim to assess and evaluate the affordances of online learning environments and thereby guide quality enhancements.

The standards and performance measures used in TELAS have been developed through a The standards and performance criteria articulated in the TELAS framework have been conceptualised through a rigorous and extensive research and consultation process. This process has involved tertiary sector and relevant industry leaders, professionals, academics and students from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, the EU and Singapore. A TELAS Strategic Advisory Group was established to guide and oversee the development and implementation processes.

The TELAS framework, as a resource aims to:

  • Present standards to guide the design of quality online learning environments.
  • Provide a tool to assess and assure the quality of online learning environments.
  • Provide a measure of performance for assessing online learning environments that can be externally validated, benchmarked and compared broadly across the global tertiary education sector.

Further, the TELAS initiative aims to:

  • Raise awareness of exemplary practices in the design of quality online learning environments transpiring across the tertiary sector.
  • Encourage and motivate excellence in the design of quality online learning environments and the utilisation of digital technologies in tertiary learning and teaching.
  • Promote and recognise exemplary innovation and practice in the design of quality online learning environments and the use of educational technologies to progress pedagogical practice.

All courses submitted for review in TELAS are assessed by Certified Reviewers who have aAs part of the TELAS initiative, institutions can submit online learning packages (e.g. units, courses, micro-credentials, programs) for assessment and accreditation. All courses submitted for formal review are assessed by certified reviewers who have been accredited through an official training process. This training process includes attendance at a Peer Reviewer Workshop and completion of the required tasks for registration as a TELAS Certified Reviewer.

TELAS assessment and accreditation is a fee for service program, however, individuals and institutions can informally assess the quality of their online learning environments using the free self-assessment tool available as a download from the TELAS Framework page.

The TELAS initiative has been conceptualised by members of the tertiary education sector for use by the tertiary educator sector. It is made available as a valued service of ASCILITE.