Becoming a Certified Reviewer

If you have a keen interest in enhancing the quality of online learning in the tertiary sector, you may be interested in becoming a TELAS Certified Reviewer.

Those interested in becoming a reviewer must attend a one day Reviewer Certification Workshop and then undertake one or more course assessments online before being certified. Two hour TELAS Information Sessions are also available to provide a brief introduction to the TELAS framework and the certified reviewer process and may be helpful in deciding whether or not to attend a reviewer workshop.

Both Information Sessions and Reviewer Certification Workshops are conducted periodically online. The cost of attending an online information session is $30 and the fee to attend an online reviewer workshop is $250 for ASCILITE members and $400 for non-members (which includes a 12 month membership of ASCILITE). The in-person workshops will be advertised in various locations and cost $330 for ASCILITE members and $480 for non-members (including 12 month membership fee).