How the review process works

TELAS accreditation is a fee-for-service initiative available to anyone interested in assessing the quality of their online learning packages.

TELAS accreditation is available to institutions by registering through TELAS online, completing a nomination form for a learning package and paying the requisite fee.

Prior to submitting a learning package to TELAS, institutions must self-assess the learning package using the TELAS Framework. They will also need to organise student access to the learning package for TELAS Certified Reviewers, herein referred to as Reviewers.

Learning packages are assessed by two Reviewers[1]. Institutions are not provided with the identities of the Reviewers although a list of reviewers will be made available on this website as they are certified. Each Reviewer completes an individual assessment of the learning package and then the two Reviewers convene to undertake a combined assessment. The combined assessment is then compared to the institution’s self-assessment and where significant discrepancies between the two occur qualitative feedback is provided to explain the combined assessor outcomes.

For additional information in relation to the review process, refer to the following:

[1] The timeframe for course reviews varies and is subject to reviewer availability.