Interim Reviewer Guidelines

Interim Reviewer requirements

As an Interim Reviewer you are required to complete several test assessments to a satisfactory standard before the TELAS Administrator can change your user role to that of a Certified Reviewer.

Your test assessments are evaluated against a benchmarked review of the same course.

Guidelines for conducting Test Assessments

  1. When you have been approved as an Interim Reviewer, you may login to complete the test assessments which you will find in your user dashboard.  
  2. As an Interim Reviewer you are assigned course reviews by the TELAS Administrator by email with the expectation that you will be able to complete the assigned reviews as soon as possible. 
  3. Please contact the TELAS Administrator if you are unable to complete the assignments in a reasonable time frame.
  4. You are deemed to have accepted an assignment unless you reply to your notification email and inform the TELAS Administrator that you are unable to accept the assignment.
  5. The TELAS system records the assigned and completed dates for all assessments.
  6. Admin reviews are always completed prior to you assessing the courses assigned to you. You cannot edit those components of a course that have been assessed by the Admin Reviewer.  However, you will be required to select the summary totals for each standard in the assessment.
  7. Your completed test assessments are displayed in your user dashboard.
  8. Once your reviews are complete, they will be evaluated by TELAS and if you have achieved an adequate score, the TELAS Administrator will be notified and your role will be changed from Interim Reviewer to Certified Reviewer. 
  9. You will be notified by email of the results of your assessments and the change in role to Certified Reviewer.
  10. Before commencing an assessment, you will need to enroll in the course and verify that you have access to the learning package. The guest login details for the course will be included in the email that you receive which assigns you the course unless alternative arrangements are required to provide you with access to the course.

Your user dashboard

  1. Once you are registered as an Interim Reviewer, you will have access to a user dashboard that lists any and all courses they have been assigned to you.
  2. Your user dashboard is only populated when a course assessment has been commenced.
  3. Courses that have been assigned to you will be listed in the assigned tab. If you partially complete an assessment and save it, you will find it later listed under the “in-progress” tab. Assessments that you mark as completed will be displayed under the completed tab.
  4. Dashboard lists are dynamic and change according to the data input by users in their online sessions.

How your status as an Interim Reviewer is changed to a Certified Reviewer

  1. You will receive an email notification once you have completed your test assessments and been approved as a Certified Reviewer.
  2. Once your TELAS role has changed to Certified Reviewer, your next login will direct you to a Certified Reviewer’s dashboard which has additional tabs that were not available to you as an Interim Reviewer.  At that point you may refer to the Help section for details on how to proceed as a Certified Reviewer.

Email notifications

  1. Certain actions by users in TELAS trigger auto generated emails to users.  As an Interim Reviewer, you receive an email confirmation when registering and you can expect to receive an email when a course is assigned to you for assessment. You will also receive an email if and when your roles changes to that of a Certified Reviewer.
  2. Emails are sent to the email address you submitted in your User Profile. 
  3. All emails to users are sent from and subject lines are preceded by the word [TELAS].