Certified Reviewer Workflow

  1. Certified Reviewers are assigned learning packages to review by the TELAS Administrator.
  2. Before commencing an assessment, you will need to enrol in the course and verify that you have access to the institution’s learning package. The guest login details for the course will be included in the email that you receive which assigns you the course (unless alternative arrangements are required to provide you access).
  3. The TELAS Administrator will assign courses to you by email as either a First Reviewer or Second Reviewer and you are asked to complete any assigned reviews within a reasonable time frame.
  4. If you are unable to review an assigned learning package you should reply to the administrator as soon as possible so that an alternative reviewer may be assigned.
  5. You are deemed to have accepted an assignment unless you reply to your notification email and inform the TELAS Administrator that you are unable to accept the assignment. 
  6. An Admin Review will be completed prior to the learning package being assigned to a Certified Reviewer. You cannot edit the success indicators (scores) in a course reviewed by the Admin Reviewer. However, you are expected to select an Overall score for all Performance Criteria in the assessment, including those where the Admin Reviewer has entered success indicator scores.
  7. Your completed assessment reports are displayed in your user dashboard where they are available for printing.
  8. Certified Reviewers complete individual assessments of the learning package and then undertake a Combined Assessment of the learning package.
  9. The First Reviewer is designated as the lead reviewer with responsibility for ensuring all of the designated review tasks are completed.
  10. If you are the First Reviewer, you will be provided with the contact details of the Second Reviewer once you have both completed your individual assessments.  This is so you may contact the Second Reviewer to schedule a combined assessment.