Admin Reviewer Guidelines

The role of an Admin Reviewer is to assess the measures of performance related to the administrative components of a course.  Admin reviews are always completed prior to a course being assigned to an Interim or Certified Reviewer.

  1. Before commencing an assessment, you will need to enroll in the course and verify that you have access to the learning package. The guest login details for the course will be included in the email that you receive which assigns you the course.
  2. As an Admin Reviewer you are assigned course reviews by the TELAS Administrator by email with the expectation that you will be able to complete the assigned review within a reasonable timeframe.  Please contact the TELAS Administrator immediately if you are unlikely to be able to do this.
  3. You are deemed to have accepted an assignment unless you reply to your notification email and inform the TELAS Administrator that you are unable to accept the assignment.
  4. Admin reviews are always completed prior to a course being assigned to an Interim or Certified Reviewer.  Once you have completed your review, the TELAS Administrator will assign the course to the next Reviewer.
  5. As an Admin Reviewer, you can assess courses from any institution assigned by the TELAS Administrator.

How to use a course Assessment Form

  1. You only need to assess those Performance Criteria that are underlined.
  2. First and Second Reviewers will see your Success Indicator scores in dark grey to differentiate them from their own scores which are marked in blue.
  3. First and Second Reviewers cannot edit your scores.
  4. You are not required to select the “Overall” scores for each Standard.  These are made available to the First and Second Reviewers in their combined review session where they will select each overall score.
  5. You will find further details on how to use a course assessment form here.

Your user dashboard

  1. Once you are registered as an Admin Reviewer, you will have access to a user dashboard that lists any and all courses they have been assigned to you.
  2. Your course assessments are displayed in your dashboard as either assigned, in-progress or completed.   If you partially complete an assessment and save it, you will find it later listed under the “in-progress” tab.
  3. Dashboard lists are dynamic and change according to the data input by users in their online sessions.

Email notifications

  1. Certain actions by users in TELAS trigger auto generated emails to users.   As an Admin Reviewer, you receive an email confirmation when registering and you can expect to receive an email when a course is assigned to you for assessment.
  2. Emails are sent to the email address you submitted in your User Profile and the TELAS administrator is copied in on all auto generated emails to users. 
  3. All TELAS emails to users are sent from and the subject line always contains the word [TELAS] so that you may easily recognise them.