Course Submitter Guidelines

Prior to submitting your learning package for review, you should already have completed the Prerequisites Form and uploaded your completed self-assessment of the learning package and organised student access details (login credentials) for the TELAS reviewers. If you have not done so, please complete these steps at your earliest convenience and then submit the learning package for review.

Completing the Course Submissions Form

  1. Completing a Course Submissions Form indicates you are ready to submit the learning package for review. The information you enter in the form will provide the context for Reviewers during their assessment process.
  2. Once the form has been submitted, the details are automatically linked to course assessment forms for the duration of the assessment workflow and displayed above assessment forms for Reviewers.
  3. Course Submitters cannot submit courses for institutions other than their own (which will be the institution you entered in your User Profile).
  4. In the Submit for Accreditation field on the form, please select Formal Review since the other options do not apply.
  5. You will receive an email with a copy of the course details you submitted and you will also receive copies of the assessment reports once the review is complete.
  6. You will also be emailed a Course Accreditation Certificate if eligible; provided the institution has paid the applicable fee.
  7. When the assessment results are insufficient to achieve TELAS course accreditation, your institution may use the assessment reports to re-evaluate and modify elements of the course and resubmit the course at a later date for re-assessment.
  8. The TELAS decision and those of TELAS Certified Reviewers are final regarding the course assessment results.

Your user dashboard

  1. When you login to TELAS, you will have access to a user dashboard. Dashboard lists are dynamic and change according to the data you input.
  2. Your user dashboard will list all the courses you have submitted, including any courses submitted by others at your institution.
  3. Your dashboard will display completed assessment reports for learning packages submitted by your institution.
  4. Your dashboard will allow you to print completed assessment reports.

Email notifications

  1. Certain actions by users in TELAS trigger auto generated emails to users.
  2. Emails are sent to the email address you submitted in your User Profile. 
  3. All emails to users are sent from and subject lines are preceded by the word [TELAS].