Using a Course Assessment Form

  1. The assessment form is divided into separate pages to make the screen layout of forms more user friendly. View this diagram for a description of the different elements in the assessment form layout.
  2. Assessment forms contain the following hierarchy of elements:
    Standards: There are 8 standards in the form – two for each of the four domains.
    Performance Criteria: Each standard contains a number of performance criteria.
    Success indicators: Each performance criteria contains a number of success indicators.
    Measure of Performance: the individual score for each success indicator.
    Overall Score: the summary score for each performance criteria.
    Comments: available at the end of each standard.
  3. When you open an assessment form, you will find a Course Details Summary panel displayed at the top of the page displaying critical information about the course.
  4. As you can see from the diagram, each page on the assessment form displays several Performance Criteria. The Success Indicators for each Performance Criteria are displayed by selecting the dropdown arrow visible on the left of each Performance Criteria.
  5. You score each Success Indicator by selecting one of four choices – Yes, Yes But, No But or No. Selected scores are colour coded when clicked.
  6. You must also select the Overall Score for each Performance Criteria. The Overall Score is a “summary” score you assign to each Performance Criteria and its Success Indicators. For example, if you selected Yes, Yes and No for three Success Indicators, you could assign a Yes But score to the Overall Score.
  7. Admin Reviewer scores are displayed in dark grey to differentiate them from your own scores which are marked in blue. You cannot edit the Admin Reviewer’s individual scores but you are responsible for assessing the Overall Scores for those Performance Criteria scored by the Admin Reviewer.
  8. The Form has a progress bar to indicate which standard you have completed. 
  9. If the assessment displays less than 100% at the end of your assessment, visible on the standards row above the assessment, it means you have missed one or more scores.  Missed scores are identified by the X symbol in a circle on the the standards row.   Select that Standard with the X and then drill-down to identify the performance criteria that has not been scored, which is also displayed with an X next to the criteria description. 
  10. A comment field is available at the end of each standard in the form.  A prefix user type identifier is automatically added to each comment once the assessment is saved, i.e. [Admin-Reviewer], [First Reviewer] or [Second Reviewer].  Names are not added, only the reviewer type.  Reviewers should include a ref number as to which success indicator their comment applies.
  11. Navigation buttons are displayed at the bottom of each page, including Back and Next.   Once Standard 8 is displayed, you will see Save and Mark Complete.  To cancel an assessment, simply exit the page without saving in which case all input will be lost.
  12. Assessments can be saved at any point and you are able to return later to complete the assessment.  Once complete, the reviewer must select Mark Complete.