Combined Assessment Reports

  1. A Summary report is generated for every completed learning package review. These reports are made available to reviewers in their respective dashboards under Combined Reviews -> Completed.
  2. The Combined Assessment Summary Report displays the learning package details; assessment date; detailed set of scores at the success indicator level; the eligible badges for each domain and an overall badge for which the course is eligible along with all combined review scores.
  3. Reports are emailed to the Course Submitter via the TELAS email notification system.
  4. Reports are not generated when the Reviewers are unable to agree on one or more scores during a Combined Assessment.  In this case, the course assessment is marked “Pending” and referred to the TELAS Administrator and to a third reviewer for completion.
  5. If a learning package fails to meet the minimum score for badge eligibility or the institution wants to gain a badge at a higher level, the institution can consider the feedback and resubmit within eight weeks to undertake a second review.
  6. Where applicable, the TELAS Administrator issues a Course Accreditation Certificate to the institution via the Course Submitter.