Course Submitters

  • Role of a Course Submitter
  • Courses suitable for TELAS
  • Self-Assessing a Course
  • How to user the Course Details Form
  • Protocol for providing course access to reviewers
  • Using the Course Details form
  • Your user dashboard
  • Email notifications

Role of a Courses Submitter

  1. The role of a Course Submitter is to enter suitable courses in TELAS and identify a staff member at your institution who can enrol the TELAS Admin Reviewer and two Certified Reviewers in the course so that they can undertake their assessments.
  2. As a Course Submitter, you cannot undertake course assessments and you may only submit courses from your own institution. 
  3. Your institution can have as many Course Submitters spread across different faculties as needed.

Courses Suitable for TELAS

  1. TELAS is designed for online courses created for undergraduate and post-graduate students at universities and other tertiary institutions. TELAS cannot assess elements of a course that are delivered in classrooms.


  1. Institutions may prefer to self-assess a course rather than submit the course online for peer review and a decision in this regard must be weighed against the value of having a course assessed through the rigorous and objective assessment procedures that TELAS offers.
  2. If an institution prefers self-assessment, it is undertaken offline using the TELAS framework tool which is available free to download here.  
  3. Institutions may submit a course to TELAS that has previously been self-assessed should they wish to pursue a formal review and or formal accreditation at a later date. 
  4. If an institution plans to self-assess a course, they should not enter it in TELAS.  Self-Assessed courses are not eligible for TELAS accreditation.

How to use the Course Details Form

  1. Course Detail forms are completed by Course Submitters who have registered with TELAS.
  2. Once a course has been submitted, it is automatically linked to course assessment forms for the duration of the assessment workflow.   Course details are always displayed above assessment forms on the screen so that reviewers may refer to course details during the assessment process. 
  3. Course Submitters cannot submit courses for institutions other than their own.
  4. The Course details form comprises information that will be used by TELAS course reviewers and for that reason, accurate information is critical, including course package type, study area and course level.
  5. The Submit for Accreditation field on the form is used to select one of the following options, none of which impacts the manner in which an assessment is conducted:
    • Formal Review – select this option if you prefer to have the course formally accredited with a badge and Course Accreditation Certificate.  Any and all courses submitted by an institution and reviewed by TELAS receive an Assessment Summary Report.
    • Summary Report only – selecting this option means you will receive the Assessment Summary Report only. You may wish to select this option if you intend to resubmit the course at a later date for formal assessment. Note that the Assessment Summary Report does not contain the full assessment data which may be requested separately.
    • Undecided – select this option only if you wish to decide on option 1 and 2 above at a later date.  In this case, you will be contacted for a decision once the review is complete.
  6. TELAS charges an accreditation fee that must be paid before an Accreditation Certificate and Badge may be issued.  There is no charge for the Summary Report.  Check the TELAS website for current fees.
  7. A full assessment report will be made available upon request following receipt of the Summary Report. 
  8. The TELAS decision and the decisions of TELAS Certified Reviewers are final regarding course assessment results.
  9. An institution may use the TELAS reports to re-evaluate and modify elements of a course when the eligible badge results are low and then resubmit the course at a later date for formal review.  

Protocol for providing course access to TELAS Reviewers

  1. Course Submitters must identify a staff person at their institution who has the authority to provide the TELAS Administrator with three logins to a course intended for review in TELAS.
  2. Guest access and login to a course is required for reviewers to assess a course. 
  3. The contact details of the person at the institution responsible for providing guest access is entered in the Course Details form when the course is submitted to TELAS.
  4. The TELAS Administrator will pass on the course login details to the TELAS reviewers once it has been arranged.
  5. The TELAS Administrator does not disclose identities of its reviewers.

Your user dashboard

  1. Once you are registered as a Course Submitter and been approved, you will have access to a user dashboard that lists all the courses you have submitted. 
  2. You will also see any courses from your institution that have been entered by another Course Submitter. 
  3. As a Course Submitter, your dashboard will display a Combined Review Summary report for any course assessed for your institution and you will also be emailed the Summary report once the course assessment process is complete.
  4. You will also separately receive a Course Accreditation Certificate if that was the option you selected at the time you submitted the course.
  5. Dashboard lists are dynamic and change according to the data you input.

Email notifications

  1. Certain actions by users in TELAS trigger auto generated emails to users.   As a Course Submitter. you will receive a confirmation email when you register and the details of any course you submit are emailed to you and the TELAS Administrator who will assign reviewers to the course. When the assessments are completed, you will receive a Summary Report of the results.
  2. Emails are sent to the email address you submitted in your User Profile. 
  3. All emails to users are sent from and subject lines are preceded by the word [TELAS].