TELAS User Roles

The roles in TELAS online are listed below followed by a brief description of each one. Detailed guidelines are available for each role once a user has registered online.

  • Course Submitters
  • Admin Reviewers
  • Interim Reviewers
  • Certified Reviewers
  • TELAS Administrator

Course Submitter

The role of a Course Submitter is to enter suitable courses in TELAS and provide the TELAS Administrator with guest access to enroll an Admin Reviewer and two Certified Reviewers in the course to undertake their assessments. Course Submitters cannot undertake course reviews and they can only submit courses for their own institution.  An institution may have one or more Course Submitters spread across different faculties.

Admin Reviewer

The role of an Admin Reviewer is to assess the measures of performance related to the administrative components of a course.  An Admin Reviewer is usually a qualified person who has attended a TELAS Peer Review Workshop and completed the relevant components of several test assessments.  Admin reviews are always completed prior to a course being assigned to an Interim or Certified Reviewer.

Interim Reviewer

An Interim Reviewer is usually a qualified person who has completed a TELAS Peer Review Workshop and is in the process of undertaking two test assessments using TELAS Online.  If the reviewer achieves an adequate mark in their test assessments, their TELAS role changes to Certified Reviewer.

Certified Reviewer

A Certified Reviewer has completed the requirements to become an Interim Reviewer and had their role changed to that of a Certified Reviewer.  Certified Reviewers assess courses assigned to them by the TELAS Administrator. They are allocated the role of First or Second Reviewer for any course assigned to them.

TELAS Administrator

The TELAS Administrator oversees the operation of TELAS Online and maintains the public TELAS website.  The administrator approves new users and their role requests, assigns reviewers to courses and arranges for them to have guest access to courses.  The administrator monitors the progress of online assessments, helps Course Submitters and Reviewers with any TELAS related technical issues and manages course accreditation certificates.  The administrator also provides reports to the TELAS Management Committee as required.