Registering as a user with TELAS Online

TELAS users undertake very specific roles such as submitting courses or reviewing courses for tertiary institutions. All user registrations are subject to approval.  If you do wish to register, you will need to consider which role to request.  The following notes may clarify the type of role you will need to request with your user registration:

Course Submitters: This role is intended for the use of an institutional staff member to enter courses in TELAS that are to be reviewed. An institution may have any number of Course Submitters. Course Submitters do not undertake assessments but they do provide the critical course information required by TELAS reviewers.

There is no need to register online as a Course Submitter if your institution simply plans to self-assess a course. Self-assessment is undertaken offline using the TELAS interactive framework tool.   However, you are required to complete a Self-Assessment if you plan on submitting a course to TELAS for formal review.  You can view additional information on Self-Assessment and download the free Self-Assessment tool here.

Interim Reviewers:  This role is usually granted to an individual who has attended a Peer Review Workshop and is registering with TELAS Online in order to complete their test assessments.

Certified Reviewers: The role of Certified Reviewer is usually granted to Interim Reviewers who have had their role upgraded. There is no need to re-register to upgrade from Interim Reviewer to Certified Reviewer as this will be done by the TELAS Administrator.  Once your TELAS role has been upgraded, your next login will direct you to a Certified Reviewer’s dashboard which has additional tabs that were not available to you as an Interim Reviewer.

Registration Steps

  1. Go to the TELAS application at
  2. After registering your username and password, you will receive an email confirmation with a request to login and create a user profile. 
  3. Your user profile includes your contact details and asks you to select a TELAS role. Select either Course Submitter, Admin Reviewer, Interim Reviewer or Certified Reviewer as required.  If you are unsure which role to request, refer to Overview of User Roles or contact the TELAS Administrator for further information.
  4. A copy of your new user profile is emailed to the TELAS Administrator who will verify your request and approve your registration and TELAS role.
  5. Once your TELAS role is approved, your next login will direct you to a user dashboard specific to that role.  In most cases, your dashboard will not be populated until you have entered course data or been assigned a course to review.
  6. The content of each user dashboard differs according to your role.