The Accreditation Process – How it Works

TTELAS accreditation is a fee for service initiative available to anyone interested in assessing the quality of their online learning packages.

TELAS accreditation can be accessed by institutions following registration with TELAS online. Once registered, details of the learning package are submitted through a nomination form together with online access to the learning package and a submitter self-assessment using the TELAS Framework. Two TELAS Certified Reviewers (herein referred to as Reviewers) are assigned and given access to the learning package. The Submitter(s) does not know who the reviewers are assessing their learning package.

Learning packages are assessed by the two Reviewers. Each Reviewer completes an assessment of the learning package and then the two convene to undertake a combined assessment[1]. The combined assessment is then compared to the submitter’s self-assessment and where significant discrepancies between the two occur qualitative feedback is provided to explain the combined assessor outcomes. The combined assessment outcomes determine the learning package’s level of achievement against each of the standards and in respect to the domain and overall performance levels. These performance levels determine the accreditation badge that is awarded at the completion of the process. Badges awarded align with one of the following levels:

  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

After the review, the Submitter is first provided with a summary report which provides a summary of the assessment outcomes including performance levels for each domain and overall. The Submitter has two months to revise and resubmit their learning package for a potentially improved performance report. The summary report may be used by the Submitter to guide modifications based on reviewer feedback to the learning package. After two months if the submitter has not resubmitted their learning package the original summary report is finalised and the badges associated with the original assessment awarded. If a Submitter does resubmit their learning package a follow up review is undertaken and a final report is prepared with performance levels determined.

For institutions that do not wish to have their learning package formally assessed by TELAS Certified Reviewers, TELAS offers resources and guidance for self-assessment and performance evaluation. To find out more about self-assessing a course using the TELAS Framework, visit this page.

[1] The timeframe for course reviews varies and is subject to reviewer availability.